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Today, The website promotion is a key for successful online business. We all need to increase our website visitors will help you to growth website ranking on Google. But the question arise “how much unique visitors comes daily?.


The term “Unique Visitors” define the users from different IP. If people who re-visit your website again on another day are considered returning visitors. A first visit on website count for unique IP visitors will help you to increase business ranking. There are many ways to increase website traffic with verified Google Analytics. First, we are describing some useful points about website traffic.

1) Website traffic Sources

a) Direct traffic -visitors who reached your website by directly entering in your website name into the web address bar of their browser.

b) Referring sites – Other websites that link to your website. Visitors from referring sites got to your site by clicking on a link from a referring site to go to your website

c) Search Engines– Visitors that reached your website via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

d) Keywords – The keywords people searched for in the search engines to reach your website. Click to view the full report. It is important to analyze this data as it tells you what people are searching for to get to your website.

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