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The First question for WordPress “How To improving SEO for WordPress website?” Here are some tricks will share to everyone. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available today. It is easy for those who write the code daily. This will not complete task after download WordPress site and installing this into your host. There are few things to remember when you are going to SEO for WordPress.

Some WordPress SEO Tricks.

You will have to remove some WordPress default

Tip: You should rely on better content than the default post and page. If you want to have better sample content you can download the WP Example Content plugin by Josh Ferrara and Jonathan Simmons.

Why this is good for SEO: The sample page and post “Hello World” is less problematic for SEO, but more important to remove for user experience. However, the default category should be a top focus for SEO. Your post is generally not uncategorized, so ensure that you create relevant categories for all your posts.

Set Your Permalinks

The default setting for Permalinks isn’t an efficient URL structure for SEO. Changing the setting to Post Name (/%postname%/) is usually best practice. Some like to use /%category%/%postname%/ as their setting but can cause a few issues when content for categories aren’t optimized (more on that later).

Why this is good for SEO: WordPress’ default setting sets all pages to run via URL parameters, which Google advises against.

Add Some Update Services

When new pages and posts are created it may take some time for that new URL to be indexed by search engines (depending on the site’s crawl rate). To speed this up, WordPress offer the chance for you to add update services within the General Settings page. Ensure these four are in the list:

  • http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2
  • http://rpc.pingomatic.com/
  • http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping
  • http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/pingSubmit?bloglink=http%3A%2F%2www.domain.com/

You can see a few more within WordPress.org, and allstuffweb also offer a much longer list.

Why this is good for SEO: Having your site indexed is fundamentally the most important thing for you. If a URL isn’t indexed it will never be shown in any SERP. Not indexing quickly or often enough means your site could miss some big organic search opportunities, especially if your site relies on current affairs or breaking news.

WordPress Homepage: Blog Posts or a Static Page?

Originally, WordPress was a blogging platform. Although still essentially true, now it’s more of a content management system (CMS).

Because its conception was for bloggers, the default setting sets the homepage to output your latest posts. If you want to change this to a static page:

  • Create a blank page for your latest blog posts.
  • Go to Settings -> Reading settings.
  • Choose whether you want latest posts or a static page for Front Page Displays.
  • For each article in a feed, show the excerpt.
  • Ensure “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” is unticked.

Note: some themes actually use a different method by letting you choose a page template to output blog posts rather than use the default settings. I’m not a fan of this but is something you should be aware of.

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